My New Home

I'd been considering seperating the store blog from a personal blog and deleting the store blog made it seem like time..

The benefits to me are wonderful ... I can post whatever I want here, and not worry that it isn't store related, I can say what I want and not worry about it being politically correct for the store, and readers looking for sewing, homeschooling, and misc. family stuff don't have to wade through the store news (and the folks interested in the store don't have to look at sewing, homeschooling, and misc. family stuff!). Best, perhaps, is that I really don't want my store and personal life to always intertwine ... they certainly do, often, but they don't have to ALWAYS. I'm sure, even with two blogs, the two will meet and cross paths at times ... much like in real life!

So here I am, and I'm happy to be here in my new home ... and my store is happy to still be at it's home!

A win-win situation.

A picture from last weekend in Tampa. It was on the store blog, but, of course, I deactivated that one. Sigh ...

Weekend at a Glance

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