M's Birthday

june03 019

My littlest girl turns 8 tomorrow. I can't believe it. We celebrated her birthday today with my parents because she's got sailing camp tomorrow and Jason and I have to work.

june03 030 june03 027 june03 026 june03 028june03 031

Among other things, she got a twirly skirt ... the first thing she said was, "boy, this skirt makes me have to twirl" ... sounds like a success to me! I also made her a matching headband, which didn't come out too well in the pictures, but is quite cute on her. The skirt is made from a thrifted sheet and the accent fabric is from JoAnn's.

june03 032 june03 034 june03 033

For her "stuff" she got this new purse/tote. Even at 7 she carries a purse around (I'm not sure why!). My only concern with this was that it'd be too little-girlish but she hasn't mentioned it. There are more of these bags available in my shop.

See that huge gaping hole in M's mouth? Friday we went to the dentist and he yanked it right out. She'd had a double tooth there, with two roots, and the lesser tooth wasn't loosening at all so he yanked it out. Now we have to wait and see if the adult tooth (perfectly normal tooth) drops down, if it does that's great, if it doesn't then they'll have to do something (I have no idea what) to loosen it and make it come down. She also has to go to an orthodontist because her bottom teeth are really overcrowded. I always knew she'd need an orthodontist ... I just never thought it'd be this young. Regarding the double tooth thing ... hers was her top left tooth, A has the same thing on his top right tooth, and C has an adult tooth that's two teeth fused together (like Siamese twins). Apparently it's hereditary ... oh the weird things we give our kids!

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  1. She looks so pretty in that skirt! I love her purse, it is very her.

  2. Jody:)

    So cute about the twirly skirt:)

    Happy Birthday to her:)

    Give me a buzz when you're coming up this way!

    I'm not sure I'll ever get down by you;)