In 1945 the first all white dalmation dog was spotted.

The first airplane pilot's license was made out of fly paper.
The first school was a classy place.
At a flea circus, a dog came by and stole the show.
Elevator companies have their ups and downs.
So guess what I bought today? Did a little thrifting and found a piece of fabric for $.25 (red and blue plaid ... nothing great, but practical), a sewing textbook from 1970 for $1 (very cool, even has a chapter stressing the importance of keeping a woman's nails clean ... but also some great info on resizing patterns), and "The Complete Pun Book" for $.50. As soon as I saw that I knew I would love it, he gets such a kick out of joke books. I now have enough puns for a lifetime, like ... Show me a pharoah who ate crackers in bed and I'll show you a crummy mummy. Oh, what's that? More, you say? But of course. Sign in a small hotel: Please turn off the lights when you're not using them. Thanks a watt. Another? If I must. A baby usually wakes up in the wee wee hours of the morning.

My children insist they've seen armadillos in our yard. At first I was highly skeptical. I've lived in Florida for 21 years and the only armadillos I've seen were in the road, dead. But the neighbor kids have seen them too and even found a gigantic armadillo hole (it's about 7" across). Then one night I saw a huge one when we were coming home, so I'm a believer. Still, I haven't seen baby armadillos in our yard so I keep looking. I looked today and instead of a cute(?) baby armadillo I saw a black snake. I fear snakes. A lot. Always have, always will. And this black one was on my lanai. But things got interesting ... he went into the grass and a very average sized bird started squaking at him and eventually pecking at him. Both creatures seemed fine and eventually wandered off ... the 30 or so minutes of entertainment was so worth it, even if it was a snake.

But then later in the day the kids tell me there's another snake, on the front screened entryway. What the heck have I done to deserve this??? This one seems fairly, um, dumb. I opened the screen door hoping he'd leave but he just kept trying to climb up the screen. I got a broom and tried to shoosh him out, then I realized that if I did that I'd either have to run like heck if he came towards me, or watch a 4-5' long snake crawling around my front yard and neither of those ideas appealed to me. So I left the door open a while, but he's still out there.

Our neighborhood is a little planned community in a big planned community, all of which was cow fields a few years ago. I and one of his friends took a walk today and came home with cow bones and old bottles that they found in a cow field. I swear, it's never dull around here!

Here are a few pictures from the last few days (no snakes!). I love these relaxing moments of summer.

june07 011 june07 008june07 004

And a last one of Jason and all the kids. Love it (ignore the couch, I know it's old and faded, but I love it and can't let go of it).

june07 015

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3 Comment

  1. Your post was just too a good way! They made me giggle.

    YIKES, two snakes in a day! That's more than I'd ask for either.

  2. oh yuck! I HATE snakes.
    Obviously WORSE than you do because I couldn't stand to even take a photo of the slimy things:(



    Can't wait til you're here--we enjoy visiting with you. Do be sure to call because we have summer hours.

    Love the photo of your hubby and the kiddos.

  3. Hey, there is nothing better than a faded couch. Reminds me of summertime and beach houses. Love the pictures of your kids reading on the porch. Ahhhh...that's the life!