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 My kids are with their father for a little bit so I'm in "project mode" while I await their return.

Project 1: getting the house clean. Deep cleaned and purged of stuff we don't need. It has been a major project but I'm down to the last few rooms and seeing light at the end of the tunnel. It's a good looking light too!

Project 2: sewing. Beginning with the quilt tops above. The two tops are identical in design, just different colors and fabrics. I used Elizabeth Hartmann's Crazy Nine Patch Block tutorial here and had so much fun putting these together. I highly recommend giving this a try. I was able to put each top together in an afternoon, each set of 9 crazy blocks took me just under an hour, so it's a super quick and easy technique. I'll share many more pictures after the quilts are done.

Project 3: repurposing this gem. At least I think I'm repurposing it, I'm not exactly sure what it's original use was so maybe it's always been a craft show key fob holder. I kind of doubt it though.

Lest it go unnoticed, the really ugly positioning and lighting of the thing is intentional, just like an infomercial. That way the "after" will look most amazing.

Project 4: catching up on my tv shows and sleep. Need I say more?

In other news, I received this beautiful block in the mail from Andra of Simplify and Quilt. I love it and it's another perfect addition to my growing block collection ... one block closer to making a quilt!

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