Fab Fob Holder

Remember this flower thing (I mean beautiful home decor statement piece) from the other day?

Purchased at Salvation Army thrift shop for $6, this one had my daughter looking at me like I was nuts. Not my style, that's for sure.

Original use? Beats me. I guess it's probably just decorative, the little tendril-ish arms aren't strong enough for mugs and not shaped correctly to hold pictures. Do you have any ideas on it's intended purpose? I'd love to hear them.

After taking off the price tags (it had many) and wiping it down to remove dust I coated this with two coats of white gloss spray paint. When it was dry I flipped it upside down and gave the underside a coat of paint.

I let it dry for a few days, and now I have a beautiful key fob holder to use at craft shows.

It's super stable, with that wide round base, and heavy enough to not blow over in the wind. The curls hold the key fobs securely, they come off easily by hand but won't blow off or come off if the display is moved around. This piece can easily hold 24-36 key fobs. It's tall enough to be at a good height and not too wide.

Awesome solution, and one more thing off the craft show "to do" list.

The chalkboard wall behind the key fob holder is in my den/office/home school room (not that anyone does school in it, that gets done at the kitchen table ... but that's another post for another day).

Quite simply, I taped off an area of the wall and painted it with a few coats of chalkboard paint. I then cut, primed, and painted molding which I attached around the chalkboard. The hardest part was the cutting ... "measure twice, cut once" was my mantra that day.

The molding is a 2" decorative molding and makes a great "frame", giving the chalkboard a very polished look.

It's a really, really good thing this isn't a home decorating blog, now isn't it? Here's a horrid image of the chalkboard wall. Trust me, it's pretty.

Our walls are really textured and a little harder to wipe off, but still very easy. They can be wiped either with a damp or dry cloth and the paint stays put. The chalkboard paint really lives up to it's name.

The artwork, attached by thumbtacks and pins so it can be changed out easily, was done by my Great Aunt Monica, who was my art teacher when I was in elementary school (I have the greatest memories of being so proud that MY Aunt Monica was teaching my class), and who was a very talented artist. I love that I can look up from my computer and be inspired by her.


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