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Wonky Log Cabin Quilt Detail

Wonky Log Cabin Quilt
I fell in love with these fabrics together ... the combination of pinks, greens, browns, and reds just 
made me smile.  So bright, cheerful, summery.  But I was drawing a blank when it came to putting them together in a quilt.  Nothing at all was coming to mind.

I decided to just play with the fabric and make a log cabin square.  Not bad, but large.  So I made another one with the same size center but much smaller.  I liked that one well enough, but wasn't sure I wanted to make as many of those small squares as I'd need for a quilt and also worried 
that it'd be a really chaotic mess when it was all put together. 

When I was making my few "try-out" squares I cut a lot of strips of fabric.  Not wanting to waste
Wonky Log Cabin Quilt Detail
 them I thought maybe I'd do half large blocks and half small blocks with, of course, white accents (I am stuck on white, can't get past it!).  As I was sewing the blocks I found that they weren't always perfect.  After pressing some of the seams seemed a little wonky.  The simplest solution seemed to be to keep going and make it look intentional by making the final blocks wonky.

The fabrics for the squares were chosen very randomly from my piles of cut strips.  I'd just grab one and go to it.  The squares were cut "off" randomly too, going this way and that way with little to no thought.

In the end, I love it.  I think it was a perfect use of the 
Wonky Log Cabin Quilt Detail, Binding, and Backside
fabrics, their colors and patterns really lend themselves to a quilt that doesn't appear precise.

The quilting is done by stitching in the ditch, with a wide straight stitch, of each block with pink thread.

The backside is a pretty brown, white and yellow floral with a red paisley border.  The border goes around all four sides of the back, it was a great way to get the size I needed for the back while giving it a little extra character.

I have been very slowly sewing lately.  Certainly, having a new baby makes a big difference in the amount of time and energy I have to do anything.  But even more I like to do the handsewing of the bindings when I'm out with the kids ... I get a lot done at parks, at regattas, waiting at appointments, etc. so I try not to do much of it at home, which makes it take a little longer to finish.

But if all else fails I can use the following as my excuse:
Wonky Quilt Helper

Yes, the little man is laying on my fabric.  And he's cute.  And happy.  And I hate to mess with that!

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  1. This quilt is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing information about how it came about. Improvisational quilting is still new and I am trying to learn different ways to quilt that are fun and creative. Your process sounds familiar to what I recently went through with my current WIP and your results are stunning!

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous! I love the colors, and the pattern!

  3. kristine hansonTuesday, May 05, 2009

    BOth the quilt and the baby are darling!

  4. Jody!~Love the quilt! I've got several different snaps and snap tool that you recommended sometime last year. Ugh!~I'm terrible w/them.~~I'd love to give them to you.~~If you are interested(or know of someone) you can email here: