02 014

The photo quality stinks ... by the time everyone was dressed and ready to go it was getting dark, and our camera, awesome in daylight, isn't so hot at night. The kids, however, couldn't have cared less how the photo 02 016turned out ... they were ready to trick-or-treat! Their evening was quite successful and they returned home with more candy than we'll ever be able to eat ... though we're making a dent in it.

M. went as a roller-skating waitress, K. was a cowboy, A. was a pirate, and I. was a bum. C. bowed out of dressing up and trick-or-treating this year and instead went out of town to sail.

After foraging the neighborhood for candy the kids came home and watched Journey to the Center of the Earth which, while not being the best movie ever made, was a good kids movie and quite enjoyable. I was pleased with it.

I will be updating my etsy shop with more quilts this week and will let you know when I get that taken care of (I might even update the front page, since it says "happy summer").

I've got a few more quilts in the works right now. I've been coveting Amy Schimler's Creatures and Critters line for far too long and finally splurged on a few yards ... and am loving, loving, loving it. I should have some quilt tops, using these fabrics as starting points, to show very soon.

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