Oh My Gosh ... I'm Obsessed ... Part 2

quilt top b close-up

More Amy Schimler Creatures and Critters ... with a few other fabrics mixed in.

quilt top b detail

The sashing, while I love it, is a little more predictable than the last quilt. It is really nice and bright though ... very cheery.

I can just imagine a little one enjoying some tummy time on the quilt with the animals and critters to talk to and play with.

quilt top b

The squares are again 8" and the sashing was 2.5". No border on this one ... it seems complete enough as it is (I could change my mind there though).

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3 Comment

  1. This is a really great way to showcase all those picture materials I love to collect. Wish I had the time to make one up! Cherrie

  2. It's a super quick top to put together ... I almost felt guilty because it was so fast (maybe two hours from start to finish).

  3. Ok- I am cracking up over here.
    My first thought when viewing these photos was, "oh-I like the green fabric so much better so-" & I read..."much more predictable..." & think, I didn't even finish my thought and I was called predictable!
    So funny.