Frugal Friday

Sarah suggested posting Frugal Fridays and I think it's a great idea, so here goes (yes, a day late).

Grocery shopping yesterday:

Winn Dixie has peaches for $0.8x a pound, I can't remember exactly, but no other great deals, so I bought my 5.5 lbs. of peaches and nothing else. Spent $5. and change.

Then hit Publix where you can use two coupons on BOGO items and the Publix I went to allowed competitors coupons. I bought almost $70 worth of groceries for $22. I thank Fiddledeedee for her Publix posts, which I read every week before making that trip.

Last stop was WalMart, where I had to buy some non-sale and non-coupon items, but which are cheaper at WalMart, and also three coupon items. I spent about $15, and saved $12.

I still need milk, peanut butter (why did no one mention we were out of peanut butter?) and bar soap ... I always check CVS and Walgreens before buying milk, they've usually got it on sale as a loss leader. They don't this week but I have a few coupons I can mix in to save some $.

I budget $125 a week for groceries, paper products, cleaning supplies, meds, etc. for the seven of us. Anything left over can be used to eat out (I love not eating at home). This week I've spent $45 (we start our money spending/budgeting on Thursdays, which is Jason's payday). With the last few things we need I'll end up spending maybe $70 for the week. Sounds great, but the kids needed cash to go out for lunch at sailing yesterday (the whole group goes once every two weeks during summer camp), which put a huge dent (because there is nowhere cheap to eat on the water) in the budget.

Gas tip:
I may be the last to figure this one out. Gas at Super WalMart is usually one of the cheapest in town. If you use a WalMart gift card you save an additional $.03 a gallon. Thanks Thrifty Florida Mama for passing that one along.

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6 Comment

  1. Wishing we had some of those stores here (besides Walmart). They always sound like they have such great deals - think it's just more expensive to ship things here too.

  2. Okay...I'm very intrigued by this post. $125 a week? Granted we live in different areas, but I really need to try harder to save money on groceries.

  3. oh, I love the coupons too. Too bad our Super WalMart doesn't have gas though.

  4. wow - I haven't spent that amount on groceries for a week for 4 of us in a long time.
    They aren't kidding that our cost of living is higher than yours! (I live in England.). And we don't have many coupons either. Sure would help!


  5. Good for you! This is an area most all of us can cut back in.

  6. You are so welcome, and thank YOU for the link!