Gift Sets

A few infant gift sets I've been putting together. They'll be going to etsy soon (tonight? maybe). I'm interested to see how they work out, as they are, of course, a little more expensive than individual items but an easier gift as they are sets. Just a new idea I thought I'd try. If it works out that'd be great, if not I'll pull them apart and sell them individually.

07 026
Infant blanket, backed with minky-like fabric and a bib with a reverse appliqued leaf. I love the reverse applique and can't wait to experiment with it more and become more comfortable with it.

I had a request for a tutorial for the burp cloths, which remain one of my favorite things to make. I'll try to get it up in the next day or two.

07 011
Infant blanket, bib, and burp cloth with pink rick rack trim.

Thanks so much for the congratulations and well wishes! It means a lot to us. I'm sure over the next months I'll bore you to tears with baby talk, it has been so long since we've done this (K. is 5) that it all feels new ... and we're enjoying it all.

07 030
Infant blanket and two bibs.

I'd decided the other day on a bedding idea for the baby. White fabric with green elephants, pink accents and trim for a girl, blue for a boy. I thought it was at Target, a Dwell set for adults and was going to cut up the sheets, but it's nothing like the Dwell bedding at Target. This is the closest I could find, but as far as I can tell it's not available anymore. I have no idea where I got this hairbrained idea, but for now ... until I come up with a new plan ... the plan is to freezer paper stencil the elephants for the skirt and bumper (if I use one) and one or two for the fabric for the wall quilts I'm going to make (two, at least, to place above the crib ... no thoughts yet on the details). I have plenty of time, the baby won't get a room of it's own until it's out of our room and we can move the sewing room into our room and the baby into the sewing room. Or we may do something different altogether ... it's just fun to think about it!

07 001
Infant blanket, two bibs, and burp cloth.

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  1. Just found you at allsorts, but the funny thing is that I just found you on etsy too! I saw the little caterpillar onesies and thought they were cute.

  2. Thanks Sharleen! I'm glad you found me.

  3. Mother, green elephants would match mine and Mia's room. And to make room for the lovely green elephants, maybe I could move to the sewing room? By myself? My OWN room? Yes? Yes? Maybe?


  4. Cassidy Jayne, no. Love, Mother.