Shifting Gears Continued


I'm still debating doing the craft show. My hesitations are simple ... can I really make enough product in time and who will deal with the store and the kids. If I figure those things out I'll do it, definately. But seriously, I can only sew so much a day (and it's not much with the kids!) so I'm not sure I can really do it.


I finished the rest of the purses/totes/handbags I began last week. The first one I mentioned here, and above is the rest. As always, my photos are mediocre at best. I asked my darling teenager to model for me but she didn't have anything to wear ... huh?


Then I tried taking individual pictures in a tree we have outside and that was really good, until I looked down and saw all the huge, really huge, fire ant piles I'd managed to not walk in on the way to the tree ... I'll try the tree again, but after the ants have moved on.


So it was back to the loveseat and so-so pictures!


More pictures of the bags are on flickr.

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4 Comment

  1. Oh my! Those bags are just beautiful, truelly stunning! Wish you were at a craft fair near me!

  2. Oh my, i can totally relate! those bags look so yummy all lined up, they are so pretty!!!