Manatees and Seahorses


This may be my favorite quilt ever. Or at least this week. 

The gorgeous quilt features seahorses and manatees with lots of sea green and soft turquiose blues mixes into the prints. 


The manatee print is from Spoonflower, and while they aren't my favorite place to get fabric (long story for another day) when I saw this print I couldn't say no, so I didn't. And I'm so glad! The manatees and little fishies are everything.

The seahorse print I've used before, and was thrilled to use it again in this quilt.

The white is Kona cotton, and the binding is a soft green stripe.


The backside is a gentle blue oceany looking flannel.

And the quilting is done with wavy lines.

Available at Jude Harbor.

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