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I am so so glad I decided to start making quilts again. I mean, not the best decision financially for sure, but I'm having so much fun. I'd forgotten how much of a joy it is to put fabrics together, come up with a design, and sew away. And I'm really cherishing that "must stay in one place, can't get up and do 5000 things" reality of hand-binding a quilt. So, yeah, there are more quilts.

Totally off subject, but the other new thing around here is a panini press. Not sure what took so long but that thing is a treat. I'm loving the endless options and the simplicity of it, and all these ridiculously picky children of mine can be fed happily. I've gotten hooked on sandwiches with apples in them ... what are your favorite panini sandwiches?

But back to quilts ...

This hearty little scrapy quilt was inspired by, of course, Valentine's Day. 

The little postage stamp squares are each just a hair over 1" in size. I had so much fun sorting through my stash to find the reds and pinks ... it was like a sweet little walk down memory lane.

The quilt measures 42" square, perfect for to be hung on a nursery wall or to use on a toddler bed.

The backside is a simple pink and white dot print and the binding is a white and red floral.

The quilt is available in the shop here.

Most of these pictures were taken at our local boy scout camp on Sunday morning, after a crazy weekend (least cooperative weather!) when the camp was filled with about 400 campers. The campers cleared out pretty early and we were left with the place almost to ourselves. It was so tranquil and quiet and the weather was perfect, I could have stayed all day.

My partner in crime (and quilt holder), however, was hungry, so heading home was necessary. Until next time ...

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