Miss Lucy Update

Our Little Miss Lucy.

Obviously, she's still with us. She was supposed to be a temporary visitor, but (as expected) she stole our hearts, every time she's picked up she immediately starts purring and settles right in ... who wouldn't fall in love with that?

She's a mess of a thing .. splotches of random mismatched color everywhere, even on the pads of her paws. Most of the time she's tearing through the house like a nutcase on a catnip overdose. She attacks Hippo at every turn, and then runs and hides when he looks at her (thankfully, he's a patient big brother), only to attack again a few seconds later.

She loves to chase the cursor on the monitor and she is confident that every piece of fabric in my hands is really just a toy for her. She has oodles of toys but is usually happiest with whatever scrap paper she finds on the ground.

And she snuggles. And loves. And gets lots of love in return. She's a keeper.

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