Checking In, Because I'm Me Sale

Quick check-in ...

First of all, Happy New Year! 

My kids are with their father for a bit so I'm busy adding inventory to the shop, lots and lots and lots and lots of new ties will be added as quickly as I can. If I didn't have help I'd probably be moving more quickly, but this gentleman has been busy, not only keeping me safe from the ties but also trying to bat at the sewing machine as it runs and "softness testing" all fabric before it's used. He's a crazy little Hippo, but he's good company.

I've redesigned my blog/website to make it tidier and more user and business friendly. This is the first redesign I've done in years and was quite a project, but I'm thrilled with the results. I actually figured most of it out myself, turning to my 14 year old when I got really stuck. Please take a look around and let me know what you think (if you use a blog reader you won't see changes, you have to come to itself to see them). If you come across any glitches or quirks please let me know so my tech guy (aka - unpaid son) and I can fix them.

I've added a bunch of blankets, handbags, home decor items, and more to the sale section to add more current fresh merchandise to the shop. Everything in the sale section is 30-50% off and going quickly.

Wishing you peace and love in the year ahead.

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