Vacation, Post 2

A solid 80% of the pictures taken at the cottage this year consist of various assortments of children and adults playing with various boats and rafts. For a week that's just what we did, with few exceptions.

The weather was perfection, one day of itty bitty bits of rain that did more to cool us a little than to deter us, but the rest of the time it was in the low 80's and slightly cool in the evenings (it got up to 100 after we left!). Perfect for being either in or out of the water.

The lake was amazing. I've never seen the water as clear as it was this year. We could finally see all the drop-offs and plants that tickle us when we swim (sorry dear lake, but that's not a favorite feeling). Try as I might, however, I did not find the eyeglasses, buckets, and shoes we've lost over the years!

Most mornings the kids were long gone before I finished breakfast. Mid-afternoon I'd have to remind them that lunch was a meal and they'd break from their play for a quick bite in their bathing suits.

In the evenings, fishing. Well, some boys fished while some of us did our best to dissuade our fish friends from nibbling on their bait and hooks by feeding the fish graham crackers.

Shucking the corn is an annual event at the cottage. This year River was a proud participant, learning from Mia, who's an old pro and never misses an opportunity to shuck that sweet Wisconsin corn.

After dinner, fire and s'mores, followed by card games. Ian did some internet searching and came up with some "new to us" card games, adding to the fun. "Go Fish" was also popular, with everyone getting a chance to play.

Red Mill, backside, along the beautiful Crystal River
River had everyone reading to him, every book he could find.  One morning we read "The Little Red Hen", and talked about the mill where the Mama Hen took the grain, which led to a quick field trip up the road to the Red Mill. Mkay, if you take a look at the image on the link it's a cute place, right? Reality:

the mill, street side

The grounds were beautiful, as was the covered bridge and wedding chapel. And the view from the riverside was quite bucolic. The mill wheel on the front side, however, not so much, though the potential was clearly visible. I'm not sure what happened, it just looks like time and a lack of attention paid to it, or maybe a storm? Bummer, but hopefully something that the owners will work on in the future (and we had fun imagining what might have happened to the wheel).

The oldest wasn't sure she wanted to go this year. Too old for "kid stuff". I am so glad she decided to come! It wouldn't have been the same without her and she admitted, readily, that she had a good time.

Just like every year, the conversation on the ride home was all about next year at the cottage, and as goofy as it might be I've choked up a little going over the vacation pictures.

Best vacation ever (which is also said every year).

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  1. I've been a follower for a while now. I don't know how you do all that you do and with 6 children. Looks like a lovely vacation.