This lovely young lady is Lilly DeJesus. I've never met her, but she is a southwest Florida resident.

I first heard of Lilly though Jen White, the photographer who took this beautiful image of Lilly a few months ago.

Lilly is 6. And has cancer. And her family has been told she only has a very short time left here on earth.

Lilly's dream is to meet Justin Bieber. A local movement (rapidly expanding to a "nationwide movement") has begun to try to make that happen. A facebook group has been formed and "likes" are growing rapidly. At this point Lilly's family has asked that the focus be on prayers and peace for Lilly.

Her story made the news tonight, two stations tonight from what I've heard.

Why am I telling you this?

This small child and her family need all the support they can get.

Say an extra few prayers for her, her siblings, and her parents, and then maybe say some more. They are accepting financial support and information can be found on this facebook page.

Please say prayers for this family.


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