Rodeo Craft Show

A few notes:
  • fundraiser means lots of happy wonderful people to meet and chat with
  • rodeo is a seriously cool thing, these guys and gals are talented beyond belief and they work hard
  • when the live auction for $1000 worth of meat ends at $2400 you might tear up a little, knowing that's a huge and awesome contribution to the funds being raised
  • take better and more pictures (I sure didn't)
  • know how to get there ... what seems simple may not be and may leave you driving around in large circle for 45 minutes (in a very small town)
  • BBQ pork restaurants often don't serve food for non-meat eaters, plan accordingly (oops)
  • dirt floor = unique challenges and lots of dust to get rid of the next day

making friends

What else can I say, it was a lot of fun for a great cause. I sold some things but mostly just had a wonderful time.

I rarely saw my kids as they were off watching the rodeo all night. I, myself, saw very little of the rodeo because I was at the booth, but that only means we have to go to another rodeo very soon.

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