Nature Journals

One of the creative writing tools I use with the kids is working in nature journals.

Nature journals, for us, are for writing or drawing whatever you want when you're out of doors. One day a child might write a poem about the clouds after lying on her back for a while, another day one might create a line drawing of a river, or just write random scribbley doodley thoughts all over the page, or press flowers. or write a story about fairies, or design a garden of their own, or chronicle the adventure of the day.

Cassie recently confided to me that she hated nature journals when she was younger. I never had any hint that this was the case. But, she then said, looking back she wished she'd enjoyed it more because it's a neat idea and she's glad she had to do it.

My goal with the nature journals is to keep the creative brain awake. To exercise that half of the brain which is responsible for more abstract thinking. To see the nature around them and let them see how it moves them - because it is moving and inspiring.

A home schooling goal I'm setting for 2012 is to gather up our nature journals and head out far more often.

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2 Comment

  1. I think they are great ideas with so many options. Many things we do not like as children become more important as we get older.

  2. What a neat idea! I hope you don't mind but I might be borrowing this one :) I don't homeschool but I do quite a bit of 'out of school' educating with my boys in one way or another and I think this would be perfect, particularly for my oldest who is quite a studious, very imaginative child :) Thanks for sharing, I love your photos.
    I'm loving having a look around your blog and also Because I'm frugal :) Regards, MrsW