2012 Goals

Happy New Year everyone!

My goals for the upcoming year are pretty simple.

1. Exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes each.

2. Continue with the financial focus, working on paying off debt and continuing to save wherever we can.

3. Increase Because I'm Me business.

4. Smile and laugh - good goal worth keeping!

5. Plant and grow a vegetable garden.

6. Work on time management.

7. Have a happy and healthy home, and be the best Mama I can be.

8. Sew clothes. Something with a different challenge than quilting offers. Just to mix things up a little.

And now a look at last years goals:

1. Continue to work to create a financially manageable home (lots of couponing, penny pinching, etc.). Worked toward it.

2. Become comfortable sewing with zippers. I'd intended to do this by today, but that didn't happen so I'll give it another year. I did it. I sewed a zipper. Last week, finally!

3. Increase Because I'm Me business. Still working on that one.

4. Take a class. Any class. I took a childcare class.

5. Smile and laugh a lot. Yup.

6. Commit to a color and repaint my living room. Yup.

7. Find a way to get the kids traveling a bit. Still working on this one, definitely didn't accomplish it.

8. Learn how to apply make up (on me ... I don't wear it, have no clue). Getting there, I've been working on it.

9. Plant and grow a vegetable garden. Didn't do this, though I did get four citrus trees planted.

10. Be the best Mama I can be for my kiddos. While this is an ongoing goal it is my biggest goal each and every day.

11. Have a happy, healthy home. I'd say this is an ongoing goal, one I certainly strive to achieve daily.

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