Bricks and Trees

Stacked bricks in green and blue.  No more complicated than that. I like uncomplicated.

Each of the bricks is the same width, just placed askew for a "tumbling" look.

There's not a fabric in this quilt that doesn't excite me, and plenty of them have been waiting, patiently, for just the right use. No time like the present! The white is a super soft sheet found at Target.

This quilt would have been a perfect match for Rivers nursery, which is where the stars came from - they were attached to the posters on the corners of his crib.

And then there's the back. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Ikea tree fabric. Another I'd been saving for just the right occasion.

I'll be putting this in the shop.

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4 Comment

  1. This is a FABULOUS quilt! I want to try and make one like this!! Great work!!!!


  2. I love this layout! I have a set of the Pearl Bracelet fabrics and I needed a good quilt to use them in...I think you've given me some inspiration!

  3. Beautiful quilt! Congrats on being featured on Modern Day Quilts!