Little Blue Squares

Blue Squares Quilt

The other day I was hanging clean clothes when, at the bottom of the pile, I found the top and bottom of this quilt.  I'd run out of batting, ordered more, then gotten caught up in the holidays and completely forgotten about it.  Oops (Yup, I don't hang clothes very often ... I iron a lot instead. Yeah, cause that takes much less time.).

Blue Squares Quilt BindingBut what a pleasant find!

The quilt is crafted from little square scraps of blues.  There are repeats, but still it's a lot of different fabrics ... very fun to look at.

The white is a basic kona white cotton muslin.

The quilting is done with straight machine stitches on the diagonal.  I used white thread throughout but keep questioning myself about that ... I'm not convinced that blue wouldn't have been a better choice on the rows of stitching going through the blue squares. I think white is fine, but blue might have been better (?) .

The binding is a navy with blue and white dot.

The backing fabric is a blue paisley.

Blue Squares Quilt

Overall the quilt measures about 48" by 48".

Blue Squares Quilt Backside

I printed out the manual for my camera and am going to setting a goal of learning to take better pictures.  I'd like to have more uniform pictures of items that will be listed on etsy, all the same background color and same layout for similar items.  Of course, the manual is 140 pages along and, at the moment, all Greek to me. I replaced plumbing/parts in two toilets this week, successfully, having never worked on one before ... I have a feeling those projects will prove much easier for me than learning the camera!

Blue Squares Quilt

See the sad brown grass? That's a direct result of the beautiful frost we had, and the five other nights of freezing whether since then. Lots of dead leaves and grasses everywhere.  I've lost a few trees over the years to frost and I'm really hoping I don't lose another this year (I'm running out of trees to lose and have no green thumbs to grow beautiful  new ones!).

And a little eye candy:

My Babe
I'm not sure what silliness is going on here, but isn't he adorable???

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