Handcrafted Gift Ideas

I am not doing any Christmas gift sewing this year, because last Saturday I decided I needed to make a twin sized quilt for one of my sons. A quilt that will be quilted with a lot of stitching ... at least I picked a slow month for this project. Ha ha.

quilt top done, ready for sandwiching and quilting

At the moment I don't have any gift sewing ideas in progress to share so I thought I'd bring attention to some  handmade presents I've given in the past.

Completed and in use
image and coaster by JVC Scout Mom

 First of all, folded patchwork coasters (follow the link to the tutorial).  I've made these quick and easy coasters a few times and am planning to put a few sets together for hostess gifts.  They look really nice after completion and pressing and require only the littlest pieces of fabrics.  I, of course, failed to take any pictures of the ones I've made in the past, but I will when I make some more.

dec26 002

A few years ago I made the girls batik rag quilts.  I made two, twin sized, and they took quite some time, but one made as a smaller lap quilt would be a nice manageable, pretty simple project (and the "ragging" can be done while watching tv or hanging with the family).  No quilting, binding, or even sandwiching is involved in the making of these. Tutorial here.

large quilted bag, side 3

For my sister, one year I made her a nice patchwork bag.  Bags are easy gifts for girls and women ... most of us can't have too many and it's easy to adjust size and options (pockets, zippers, etc.).  I've made and given many, many, many bags over the years (and, of course, sold some too).

A simple table runner. Matching napkins would be great with this, though it certainly stands on its own as a gift.  Another here, but this one I kept for myself and use most months of the year.

There are a zillion awesome ideas for gift-giving crafts that can be found all over the internet.  These are just a few that worked for me.  I hope you find them helpful and, maybe, a bit inspiring.


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