GiveAway Day

I somehow missed the mention of this when "give-awayers" were being accepted but I wanted to pass it along ... and you can bet that if I can't sleep tonight I'll keep myself entertained reading new-to-me blogs and entering give-aways!

Giveaway Day : Sewing and Knitting Supplies / Materials
(um yeah, that would mean yarn and fabric ... I'm so there!!)

Giveaway Day : Handcrafted Items Supplies / Materials
(again with the drooling and dreaming)

Giveaway Day : Handcrafted Items
(check these out, these givers are really generous!)

Also, Amber at One Shabby Chick is having a giveaway of her own with a great book and some other wonderful stuff.
I opted not to enter this only because I won an awesome lot of things from her a few years ago.  :)

If I happen upon any other giveaways I'll be sure to post them.  Good luck.

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