A Little Boy Sewing

 I made these pants (long shorts?) for River ... and I'm darn happy about it. 

While this may not seem like a big deal to me it is. You see, I've tried to sew pants for him before and "epic fail" is all that comes to mind.  Somehow, even on that skinny body I made shorts and pants that were too narrow in the waist, so narrow in the legs that they reminded me of something I wore in the 80's, too short (but not in a cool guy way), too long in the waist, or too short in the waist ... oh, just plain awful!

But this time the pattern I made (after tracing a pair of his shorts) worked.  It worked!  It did require a little tweaking as there was way too much rise the first time, but overall I'm thrilled.

I've since made him a pair of shorts from a bandanna and a pair of pants (which I did have to adjust a little -- I didn't have the legs tapering in at all and that looked terrible, with the tiniest amount of tapering they hang much better).

Next River project ... t-shirts.  Maybe.

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