Oh my. Oh My.

On Project Runway this week the designers created their own fabric. So freaking cool. Of course, they had an incredible HP app and touch screens to work with, making it even cooler and making me, and I'm sure many others, drool with envy.

Today I read this tweet: " redfishcircle just updated my Spoonflower page - hippo prints are available http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/redfish/"

Had to take a look. Oh my. I can buy her prints, I can buy Heather Ross prints, I can choose from the oodles of other awesome prints, I can make my own print ... I can pick my fabric. The possibilities are mind-bloggling! And imagine how cool it would be to have your unique designs in your unique prints!

It's not in my budget to do any of those things today, but I'll be back. I can't even count how many times I needed a fabric that was "just so" ...
and now I have the option of making it.

I know I'm the last to discover Spoonflower. It was intentional. I knew I'd be hooked. And I am.

Here's my image from the other day after uploading it and playing with it for a moment.
I wouldn't actually make this into fabric, but it was fun to see how quick and easy the process was. Sweet.

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