Sweet Sixteen!

birthday bag with the birthday girl

My darling oldest daughter is 16. Sweet sixteen. Wow.

birthday bag

And she is. Every bit sixteen, I mean. She's smart, beautiful, wise, witty, caring, kind, moody, temperamental ... perfectly a teenager.

Have I posted a link to her pictures? Probably, but Mommy likes to brag about her babies. Here it is.

birthday bag inside with tagC. asked for a bag for school. She wanted it before school started but I was caught up in a few other projects so I didn't get to it until last week.

She picked this fabric at the store, I wasn't that into it until she said she wanted it for a handbag, then it was an absolute "yes". It's perfect for her.

The bag is large, large enough to hold a textbook or two or a change of clothes or whatever else she needs to carry around.

The design is simple, pleated at the top and rounded at the bottom.

Inside are oodles of pockets.

Happy Birthday C.!

birthday bag

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2 Comment

  1. Love the bag! And she's pretty cute too. ;o)

  2. I love the bag, too! And C. is such a pretty girl. I know you are very proud of her in many ways for many things. You have some amazing children (and one almost grownup young lady)!