Fun and Free - Trick Out your Etsy Listings

I listed a few things on etsy the other day and was thinking that it'd be awfully nice if I could copy a listing, change the things I needed to, and then post the new listing.  That'd save a lot of time over having to retype the descriptions, materials, catagories, etc.  But that's not an option on etsy.

Or is it?

As with pretty much everything in my world that I have a question about I googled it.  I swear I google all day long.  My kids have figured out they can google on my phone ... and we now know what the Scandinavian flag looks like and what dog types make good sled dogs.

Anyway ... I googled it.  And found this post ... Useful Tools for Etsy Online Sellers.  Etsyhacks seemed to be what I was looking for.  To use it I first had to install Firefox, then Greasemonkey, then just add the add-ons I wanted.  And it works great.

There's a catch though.  It only works through Firefox.  So if you add the zoom function and your customer is shopping through Internet Explorer it won't work for them.   But as long as you are go through Firefox when working with etsy you'll be able to use the features you add.

I have been hearing a lot of good things about Firefox but haven't played with it at all yet myself.  Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Apparently etsy is working on adding functions to their listing features themselves, which is pretty exciting.  This quote is from an etsyhacks page:

Etsy's development team are working hard to bring out new features for the site, but there's only so much they can do. They're going to focus on features that bring the most benefit to the most users. These scripts are provided as examples of things that can be done without needing Etsy to change anything, but which (hopefully) make the user experience better and more efficient. Less time spent administering your Etsy business, more time spent making things.

A thank you goes to etsy seller that70sshoppe for including me in a beautiful treasury this week.  Thanks!

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  1. Hi! I use firefox everyday. I love it! The only reason I use Safari is to look at my old bookmarks. I've procrastinated on sharing them with firefox. LoL I would HIGHLY recommend! Also, if you use Netflix, you get a GREAT picture quality on firefox.

    All my best