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Thursday, May 14, 2009

R.'s Room

I realized that I've never posted any pictures of R.'s room.   There are a few reasons for this ... (1) it's not finished, (2) it's never clean because he has too much clothing and it barely fits in the closet, and (3) I forgot to take pictures of it.  But last night I cleaned, this morning I finished the valance, and just now I took pictures.  I apologize in advance for the photo quality ... it stinks but I was hurrying to take them in between kids needing help with schoolwork.

So here's the room ... 

The room started with the quilt on the wall, which I made last summer.  It isn't centered right in the room yet because the armoire is supposed to be moved out of the room at some point of time.  Then the twin bed will be moved back against the back wall and the quilt will look like it's better placed.  

The quilt on the bed is upside down ... it's actually a patchwork quilt and the white is the backside, but I like it better this way.  The mess above the armoire isn't supposed to be there.

The walls were already blue, this used to be K.'s nursery.

R.'s Nursery

Pretend the crib is white.  I'd like it to be, but I wouldn't like to paint it so off-white it is.  I got this crib at a garage sale for next to nothing and was planning to sell it at Ditto Kiddo after painting it.  We closed the store before we painted the crib so it was sitting in the garage.  I've always wanted a 4-poster crib so we cleaned it up really well, intending to paint it, and then decided it looked pretty good when it was clean. 

The pictures in the background are just framed fabric.  I painted the frames various shades of blue and green.  

R.'s Nursery

The bed has a quilt I made on the end.  

The valance is a towel from Target, cut to fit and stitched.  Total cost:  $5.99, time: 10 minutes.

R.'s Nursery

I found a bag of stars at the fabric store.  The kids and I covered one side of each star in fabric, painted the other side, glued on the ribbon, and decoupaged the whole thing a few times.  I wanted something at the tops of the bed posters and this seemed to work well.  The extras are attached to the window valance rod. 

R.'s Nursery

Random toys, books, and baskets on the bottom of the changing table.

R.'s Nursery

Even his diapers match the blue, green, and white theme.  I'm just that way.  Or that's just what the store brand diapers at Target look like these days (which did make me very happy to discover!).

R.'s Nursery


  1. I love everything!!! Your are so creative. I would have never thought of a towel being made into a curtain??? I am amazed!

  2. Well, it all looks just great! I love the valance--very clever. You are really good at making things purty.