Batiks for Baby

batik quilt, both sides

Happy Monday morning!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend, filled with lots of sunshine and 
batik quilt front
creative energy.

I fell in love with the batiks on the front of this quilt.  Madly in love.  I don't work with batiks often but they were on clearance at Hancock's of Paducah and, since the price was right, I couldn't refuse.  And I heart them very much.

The top came together quite quickly and simply ... long strips of fabric sewn together.  It's not 
easy to tell from the pictures but the fabrics are two shades of pink, one pink/blue combo and one blue/green combo.

The backside is an Ikea print.  I love that it coordinates, but
batik quilt, both sides
 is completely different ... a little surprise.

The quilt is quilted in a variety of straight stitches, lots of straight lines, some loops, and some
 squigles.  The loops and squigles use a multi-colored thread while the staight lines use bright pink.  If you click on the images you'll be able to get a better idea of the stitching.

Sometimes I forget how much I love a wavy border.  It's no harder to stitch and looks so special.  The binding is the blue/green batik from the front of the quilt.
batik quilt, backside detail of Ikea fabric
The quilt measures about 43" by 48".  The batting is a cotton/bamboo blend ... I can't say enough good things about that batting!

R. and I managed to squeeze in an Ikea trip the other day.  He was begging to go (oh, I know he can't speak yet ... but I could see it in his eyes and who am I to refuse him??  LOL).  We did find some fabric ... and are using it already, of course.  The big find though was this funky lamp for R.'s room.  The arms of it can be moved in all sorts of directions ... how cool is that?   I have a thing about staring at the bright bulb when I look at a lamp and this one has covered bulbs ... perfect.

batik quilt front detail

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