Sling Success!

R. and his feet in the slingA few weeks ago Beth and I got together for a little swap ... this quilt in exchange for a sling and instructions on how to use it.

I've tried using slings with the last three kids and had no success at all. I watched videos on the subject but still, my babies just cried in it and I couldn't figure out how to use it. Fortunately my kids have loved the Baby Bjorn and I'm sure R. will too but I felt that with the way he likes to be held he might really benefit from a sling.

It took Beth about five minutes to explain, and demonstrate, it to me ... and itThe Tail of the Sling from Beth made sense. Finally. And really, it was much, much easier than I'd convinced myself it would be.

River has been in and out of the sling a few times with very limited success ... but suddenly we seem to have gotten the hang of it. The other day he spent a few hours in it, sleeping peacefully, and I felt really comfortable using it. We walked to the park and home again, prepared dinner (not the cooking part, but all the prep work was done), and typed two handed on the computer (you have no idea how many of my posts are typed with just my right hand). Yippee!

Me with R. in the sling from BethThank you Beth!

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  1. I'm so excited it's working for you!! You'll be surprised how even more versatile it gets when baby gets a little bigger. For us...we didn't leave home without it!
    And really...we did not do an even trade!!! My quilt is absolutely beautiful and waiting patiently for little one.