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bedside organizer pockets, side b

A bedside organizer for M. bedside organizer, side a

There are two sides (or ends ... not quite sure what to call them, one organizer for each side of the bed) to this (one side has right side up hippos at the top and the other has upside down hippos ... oops!), with a long piece of fabric attached to go between the mattress and box spring to hold the organizer in place.

The organizer has three pocket sections ... the top one is large enough for magazines, extra pajamas, or a stuffed animal or two, and closes with a magnetic snap, the middle section is divided into two pockets for books, her journal, and other bedside organizer glasses pocketmedium-sized treasures, and the bottom section is divided into four pockets for an iPod, pencils, trinkets, and whatever other smaller items she's planning to store, with an, as requested, eyeglasses pocket on one side.

M. picked the fabrics, all from Ikea.

This was a very quick and easy project. If anyone is interested I'd be happy to post measurements and instructions.

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5 Comment

  1. great idea! if i had little ones i would definitely make this!!

  2. I would love to know the dimensions of this awesome project. With four kiddos of my own it would defenately come in handy with them. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  3. Ooooooh that is so cute! I have seen these before but seeing this one might make me decide to actually make one.

    The upside down hippos don't bother me. I call things like that "design choices."

  4. That looks great I would love the dimensions when you have time. I wish my Ikea had those great fabrics

  5. That is awesome...the fabric and the design. I would love instructions.