Big Enough For Her

Here's a little proof that I do still sew, a little.

m.'s blanket

M. asked me to make a blanket for her as a Christmas gift, one that was big enough to cover her.

She picked out the fabrics and I, without telling her, added the ric-rac trim in two different shades of blue (ok, the truth is that when I bought the ric-rac I wasn't sure which color would be a better match so I bought both colors, and after comparing them to the blanket fabrics I still couldn't say for sure ... so I used them both) I immediately thought of doing the back with soft minky-like fabric. What could be more cozy to snuggle under?

I love the top. Absolutely love it.

Heck, I love the back too.

m.'s blanket with backside

But the top and back together? Not so much love there. The backing fabric was stretchy and stretched all out of shape ... only to stretch back again when I finished sewing. So the front side is larger than the back, leaving a very wonky looking blanket when laid flat. See?

m.'s blanket ... the effect of the stretchy backside fabric ... ugh

I debated redoing the back with a different not stretchy fabric, but M. likes it the way it is ... and that's what really matters.

It's certainly big enough for her ... it's big enough for me (I know, I gave it a test run), measuring about 43" wide by 66" long.

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4 Comment

  1. OH, I love those monkeys. What a cool fabric choice! And even though it might not be perfect...the most important thing is there's extra love in there just from MOM!

  2. I LOVE this blanket and the fabric!
    What I love most about it is that it looks like something I would make and you still let her have it even though it wasn't perfect. :)

  3. I think it's perfect, all rumply in just the right comfy way.