cat quilt

cat quilt with backLife around here has been pretty rough lately ... in fact, it has just plain sucked, and is the reason I haven't been posting much the last few weeks. It doesn't look like it'll get better any time soon, so any and all prayers and good thoughts would be much appreciated.

In an effort to cope with some of the crap I was motivated to make a very bright happy quilt, hoping it'd cheer me up (it did).

The quilt began with the fussy-cut cats (must mention they're fussy cut because that's something I rarely, if ever, do!). I love the combinations of the blue, brown, green, and orange ... it's bright, but it works well together. When I made the cat quilt detailtop I was a little nervous about it being too busy, but I think it worked out to be exactly what I was hoping for.

I didn't use a pattern for this, just cut and added as I felt like it. There are six sections, each centering around a cat, and each section is pretty much the same.

I was stumped when it came to the quilting. I tried random stipling and didn't love it at all and pulled it out immediately. I debated stitching in the ditch around each rectangle/square but really didn't want to draw attention to the individual sections. C. suggested doing cat quilt back and bordersomething similar to the brown border fabric, with the wavy lines. I didn't do exactly what she suggested but did do running wavy lines down the quilt. It was pretty easy and fun ... I loved that it was random so there was no screwing it up or getting it wrong and making the wavy lines was pretty enjoyable ... I felt like I was breaking the rules with this one. I did stitch in the ditch around each of the borders. Thanks C. for such a great idea!

The quilt measures about 40" wide by 50" long.

cat quilt with kittens

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  1. Sure hope things get better soon!! your quilts make me happy to see too so I'm glad it's good therapy.
    Any baby news..sure hoping that's not the bad stuff?

  2. I hope you feel better real soon.

    I love that cat print, but it came out during my, "I have to save for the baby" season. So I did not get any. For several years I at least bought a FQ of every cat print that I saw! (I did get the "go-withs" that had note from the cats.)

  3. so sorry to hear that things suck right now. this is definitely a quilt that would cheer you. i think it's fab!! please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. keep your chin up!

  4. I'm so sorry life is sucking right now. I'm saying a prayer for you right now!

    On the other hand, if such a beautiful quilt is a result of the suckiness....well....

    Just kidding. I'm still praying. BUT I TOTALLY LOVE this quilt. The colors are amazing, and it is definitely fun and cheerful.

  5. Prayers said for peace for you all! Love that quilt, it's beautiful! :0)

  6. Its a cute quilt and the quilting is such a good idea.

    I'm sorry you are having problems. I can relate. We all can. We all have those times. The good part is that something good comes from rotten things. Look for it and hope it comes soon. I sew like mad when I'm sad.

  7. What a cute, cute, cute quilt! Love it. I hope things around home are getting better, too. ooxx`jodi