Making Big Circles

This morning K. and I came upon a few green t-shirts at JoAnn's for $.50 each ... but only in size 7-8, which, lucky for us, is the size A. and K. wear. Couldn't pass them up! I figured I'd do something with them at some point in time.

We were actually there to get fuschia and navy rit dye for some chenille I'm using as quilt backs.

And then it hit me ... two great tastes that taste great together ... er ... two things that go great together (and would give the boys something to do) ... t-shirts and dye.

And that's how we came to dye t-shirts today, tossing them in with the already being dyed fabric.

k.'s new tee

So what was the best part? Using an unlimited quantity of rubber bands (scrooge Mommy almost never says "use all you want")? The gloves (inflatable, you know)? Watching the dye turn the sink really dark blue? Putting the shirts in and seeing them change color immediately? Taking the shirts out and seeing their new color (dark green)? Taking the rubber bands off and discovering what they created (which led to some awestruck whispers of "wow" and "oh, this is beautiful")? No, the best part, for them, was seeing what happened to the rubber bands ... how they were striped and not yellow and red anymore!

a. and his new tee
The only oops was totally my fault ... after we were finished I washed the shirts with the now navy chenille, which hadn't been rinsed enough. There is a lot less color contrast to the shirts now. But still ... they are pretty darn cool.

Pictures taken by C.

Oh, on a completely different subject ... The Children's Place has all their clearance an additional 50% off ... we really scored on shoes today - sandals, flip flops, croc-type girl shoes, sneakers, etc. I bought 8 pairs of shoes for about $37.

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3 Comment

  1. What a fun and productive day!! Wow, you are so brave with dye...I'd have it all over me and everything around me :)

    Cute shirts and photos of them!

  2. what a great idea I have loads of cold dye somewhere under heaps of fabric in my office I may send my boys off into the garden with some buckets and see if they can manage-or if they come back black and blue!

  3. Your boys ate so cute! I love their hair.