26 002 This is most the quilt top I've been making for the doll quilt swap. I need to add a border to it, which will also have a black "shadow" to it ... and, which, will hopefully tie the squares together well.

The overall top is actually straighter than it looks in this picture, I was moving it around (with my toe) without straightening it up again.

I brought it out to show Jason last night because I was wondering if the top and left side of the sashing should be longer than the bottom and right side, because they don't have the "shadow". We agreed that while that'd be technically correct, it'd throw the balance off and would look wrong, rather than right.

And then I started seeing real issues ...

26 003
See the bottom left white/blue block (why is this picture upside down ...)? There is hardly any background on the left side at the black shadow. It's supposed to be a tiny white square, not a sliver. I *think* I can fix this one by pulling out the block and resetting it slightly. The seam allowances are 1/4" so I don't have a lot to work with but there should be enough there to make it look right.

26 004
Top middle square ... the shadow is a very wavy line (also upside down). I was hoping I could press it back but it's not budging. That one I don't think I can fix without doing a new square and trying to set it back in.

Overall, I'm just flustered. As the close-ups show there are other squares that are also slightly off. I have a few thoughts as to why this happened but I'm not really sure ... I was so careful with cutting and sewing ... but I think when I squared the squares up I may have created some of the issues, and also when pressing.

So I think I need to start over. Do you agree? I'll finish this one anyway, but I'm not sure it's good enough to give. I love the shadow quilt idea and I'd do it again on a larger scale (it'd be a great way to showcase a charm pack).

I can't believe I managed to write this post without sending the cuss-o-meter through the roof.

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8 Comment

  1. Its lovely. I've never seen one like it before. I think your idea and fabrics are darling. I wouldn't change it. It is perfect just the way it is.

  2. I think imperfections are charming. After it's quilted and washed, you will be the only person that knows where the wonkiness happened.

    The colors and the setting are so nice!

  3. Just getting as far as you did would be a huge accomplishment for me so, I would just go for it. I always figure if people are looking for perfection than they ought to stick with items made by machines! I think it looks great!

  4. Ok, now that I've pulled my jaw back up after I saw this...I'm a perfectionist too...but these are such tiny things in an overall stunning piece of work. I know the compulsion to "fix" things. This is so wonderful, such a great idea. The quilt looks so 3 dimensional. Wow...additionally color and fabric choices..amazing. What else can I say!

  5. Ok, one more thing...remember shadows in real life are wobbly and imperfect representations of their shape...I know, enough already!

  6. IMHO, those are the forgiveable kind of mistakes - especially on a doll quilt. (We all need to remember that these were made by young girls as their first attempts at piecing/quilting - not items that were made by masters!)

  7. I think it's amazing! I LOVE the shadow idea, it just pops those squares out! Like others have said, I'm not sure anyone else will notice what you're seeing (I didn't until you pointed them out, and even then I had a hard time seeing what you were seeing). You did a really great job!

    That being said, I have ended up keeping (as opposed to gifting or selling) SO many things because they didn't meet up with my standards. Which is weird because in general, I am not a perfectionist. Just when I sew or screen print!

  8. oh my gish, there is NOTHING wrong with this quilt, it is WONDERFUL. really, really nice colors & design & everything!