Flowery Quilt #2

lap quilt #2

lap quilt Like I mentioned here, I made enough of the center of this quilt on the left to make two lap quilts. So I did, the second one being the one above.

All I did after sewing the entire center was to cut it in half. The only real difference between these two quilts is the color of the border, one has red floral and the other pale green. I can't believe what a difference that makes! Of course, the charm squares were distributed randomly and that adds a little to the different feels but most of it stems from those borders. Important lesson learned there!

The quilting stitching is big wonky flowers, just like the other lap quilt. They are both about the same size, approximately 40" by 50".

The backside of this one is stripes of fabric, vaguely imitating the strips of fabric used on the frontside. It also helps with my goal of not buying fabric this month, since I didn't have to buy a single piece large enough for the back.

Speaking of the not buying fabric goal ... so far so good, except that I read the Joann's circular and all clearance fabric is 1/2 price. And there are coupons for 50% off. They aren't going to make this easy, are they?

It sure seems like, looking at the blog, I haven't done any sewing lately. I have. Mostly just trying to restock my craft show inventory and getting ready to start marketing to local stores, which I'm very excited about.

I want to say that I'm done making quilts for a while ... I need to work on other things. However, I came across this mini quilt and this similar mini quilt, both by Helen at Patchy Work of Mini Grey , and this fish string quilt and this string quilt and my head is filling with ideas. I'm thinking that the string quilt and reverse applique ideas could be used on bibs too, and probably a lot of other things, and I may start there before working on another crib quilt.

lap quilt #2 backside

lap quilt #2 detail, stitching lap quilt #2 backside

lap quilt #2 detail, borders, binding

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4 Comment

  1. Those are some great quilts!

  2. Both of these turned out so nice. I especially like the back. Thanks for showing it. So did you just cut the charm squares in half? I have a couple of charm packs and don't really know what to do with them.

  3. You are sooooo good at this:)
    I am not allowed to quilt;)

  4. Ohhh! I got a mention in someones blog! *blushing icon here!* Reverse applique is so much fun, a bit fiddly but the results are worth it. I'll be watching for your results! :)