Tuesday, April 15, 2008


200 posts.

Holy cow.

So let's see ... what could I do to mark such an event ... hmm ... I can't think of anything ... oh, wait ... a give away, I believe that'd be nice.

How about some unfinished handbags buried in the bottom of a drawer? Or a quilt that needs all the quilting stitching taken out of it (and there's a lot of stitching there)? Or parts of baby bibs, because I don't feel like cutting out the backs and sewing the two pieces together (nah, I'm not lazy)? A quilt top with no hope of being finished anytime soon?

I suppose it wouldn't be nice to drop those orphaned projects into someone else's lap, would it?

Oh, I know ... a gift certificate to Ditto Kiddo. Nah, that won't work, the store is closing on Saturday. Yes, Saturday. I still haven't grasped all of what will mean to me and my family, but I'm almost positive I'm ready to find out.

3 totes Better than those grand ideas ... I'll give away a one-of-a-kind Because I'm Me handmade tote of my choosing (it'll be one of the ones pictured in these two images) filled with miscellaneous. small fabric pieces. There may be other crafty items in the bag as well. The bag is just the right size for text books, library books, craft projects, baby necessities, and so much more.

Here's all that I ask of you: Comment on this post before next Monday, April 21st (I'd make it shorter but I have to get through the store closing this weekend). What I'd really like is a comment with your favorite crafting/sewing, home organization, parenting, money saving, or cooking tips ... you know, hints and ideas that would make other busy parents' lives easier.

While I'm excited to see your tips and tricks of the trade I'll choose the winner randomly.

Thanks for putting up with me for 200 posts.


  1. Hi :) Just found your blog a few days ago and have been reading almost all of your archives. Congrats on post 200. At the moment I'm mostly a knitter but have fallen into a consuming desire to learn to really sew and quilt this summer and am getting a new sewing machine for the occasion as a university graduation gift. I've found your blog so very inspirational with the ideas, colours, and shapes and it's making me even more excited to start. While I suppose any advice I'd give wouldn't be for "other" busy parents as I assuredly don't fall into that category but I am a busy person who crafts :) My tip is perhaps aimed more your children. As a student I go through paper like there's no tomorrow but most of it I don't actually need to physically keep. I've started keeping a box where I put every piece of paper that comes in that I no longer need, that isn't private and doesn't need to be given to anyone, that still has one blank side to use for my homework. I'm amazed at how quickly the pile grows and how much i've cut down the paper I use/need to buy.

  2. I check out your blog almost every day. I am in awe of your quilting abilities and love the fabrics you put together :)

  3. Hey Jody! Saturday and 200 posts...congrats on both!!

    oh...my latest tip for you is...use a bread machine to make all kinds of yummy breads. so much cheaper.
    AND...make your own salad dressing. Usually it's just a whir in the blender and you're done at a fraction of the cost. I even made ranch dressing powder mix to use later! all kinds of recipes at www.recipezaar.com

  4. I recently found your blog and love it! You have so much talent to share...thanks for all the inspiration!

    From a former teacher...read to your child...even if you are busy...you will never regret it and be so glad that you did.

    Mary Jo

  5. Washable slip covers for everything, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, and plastic totes for staying organized are a crafty mom's best friend.

  6. Not putting up with...definitely enjoying! My tip...get off the treadmill. We found when our kids were little that we were on a treadmill of organized activities. We found a way to limit what the kids were involved in..when you have a bunch of kids even one activity each is a lot. All of the sudden we had time to read together, play games, cook and craft together. The kids actually enjoyed what they chose to do and didn't feel pressure or stress about activities.

  7. Hi! I've been reading your blog for the last few months and am really inspired by your creations! I have a laundry tip, use Shout Color Catchers. They soak up any dye that might come off your clothes so it doesn't bleed onto other items. I've even mixed reds in with other items and not had a problem. Also, an organization tip, use tadalist.com to make shopping or to do lists. I'm constantly losing my lists, this way I can access them from any computer or even my phone (as long as I have wifi).

  8. Congrats on 200 posts, and getting through the store closing! Just a few more days....

    My biggest thing is to be organized, and have a basic routine. I'm expecting my 4th child in June, and run a small daycare in my home, too. Having a simple morning and end of day routine really helps me make sure the important basics get done without feeling like I'm forgetting something, or losing my mind! :0)

  9. Every bathroom has its own cleaning supplies. Soak in Oxy Clean to remove red wine stains from your favourite quilt. Wake up to a glass of water to boost energy and metabolism. Your tummy can only absorb calcium when acidic = calcium enriched OJ is a better source of calcium than milk. Store out of season clothes in old hard-sided suitcases; stack the suitcases to make a side table or night stand.

    I've been reading your blog for a few months. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wow congrats! Your blog is so creative and fun and I am sure you will be a great SAHM. I think my biggest tip is to plan a week of meals at a time and try to just make one big trip to the grocery. I don't do it every week but the weeks I do are so much easier.

  11. It is a little tip but always makes me happy when I have it to use...I never need a whole can of tomato paste when I make sauce so I freeze the leftovers in little baggies. Each baggie has a heaping tablespoon of paste in it which is perfect to pull out of the freezer and throw into the pan after you sautee the onions and garlic. No defrosting necessary. Thanks so much for sharing parts of your life with all of us! Congratulations on 200!

  12. Wow - 200! Congrats! And the store closing this week too! I hope it will be a great time and not too sad!
    Let's see a time saving technique. I just bought this book and can't wait to start baking my own bread...it's really cool!
    Artisan Bread

  13. Ooo Aunt Jody!!!! I want a free bag!!! Haha just kidding Im just reading your blog and I wanted to let you know that I am still uber excited for you!!!

  14. Oh, what a lovely giveaway, so perfect. I need a new bag and I always need fabric. I hope I'm the lucky one. Congrats and many more!

  15. congratulations on reaching 200. My tip would have to be silicon cupcake moulds. I bought them to make cupcakes but use them more often for freezing baby food and left overs. because they are individual rather than whole tray they don't take up too much space in the freezer and you can remove the moulds when the stuff is frozen. Also, my wee one likes to use cold ones from the freezer for teething.

  16. ooh got details wrong for the cupcake one, and would hate to miss my chance at a bag,

  17. Congrats on your 200th post! And to more to come :) My tip would be to have all the blogs that you love to read in a reader. I use Google Reader. That way, you don't have to go visit each and every blog everyday. You will be updated whenever the blog is updated. I think it's time-saving! Thanks :)

  18. Congrats on the 200 posts!! I just found this blog, but have been stalking your ditto-kiddo blog since I moved into the local area. (I'm soo sad Ditto-kiddo is closing). I'm excited to read more about life with more time with your family!

    My tips is to label everything so there's no excuse from your hubby, kids, or anyone that they can't help tidy up. Also, I LOVE the book, "Organic Housekeeping" for tons of ideas on organizing and cleaning a "greener" house.

  19. Hi Jody! What a wonderful idea for a giveaway! Unfortunately my brain is completely new-baby-fried...I can't think of a SINGLE tip at this point, except to surround yourself with good friends and learn to say no. LOL!!

    I love your blog and your creativity and your 200th post is definitely something to celebrate!

  20. Your blog has been in my daily check list for a couple months now, it's happy. I love seeing your quilts, you get so much more done than I do.

    My tip was similar to another, so I'll throw in two:
    1) Have a favorite cookbook with recipes that are the right level of difficulty/time for your life, and on Friday night (or whatever night before shopping day is) go through and randomly pick out recipes for the number of nights that you cook dinner. Make your shopping list, and only buy the things that are on your list. I used to be a very disorganized shopper/cooker, and I save so much more money this way. And now I only go to the grocery store once a week. I stick a little sticky on the pages (sticking out the side) when I cook a recipe, and then when I want to make it for the next week I move it so it's sticking out the top.

    2) I'm really into making little cardboard boxes out of cereal (and other) boxes right now, to put in my drawers and sewing boxes as organizers. I just made one for rechargeable batteries with a little ribbon border around the top and happy and sad faces for the dead and charged batteries.

  21. Congratulations on your 200th post! I've been lurking for a while now. I really enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing all your beautiful things with us.
    One of the things I do to make my life easier in the kitchen is this. Every time I see that something is about to run out, I write it down on this paper pad that sticks to the fridge. That way, when I go shopping I always know what I need and i don't need to sit down and think about it beforehand.

  22. Jody - I'm so glad I found you. Both quilts from you are still beautiful, getting cozier every day - the pirate one just had it's first line drying of the summer. Tip: I now ALWAYS return library books to the same tote when we are done reading them for the moment. This saves me from having to hunt through the house for them or from being surprised when I take them all back and still have 10 on my account. Takes more time, but works out in the end. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  23. Congratulations on your 200th post - the bags are beautiful.

    My tip would be to hang men's shirts on clothes hangers to dry...they seem to dry virtually crease-free this way, making them much easier to iron. x

  24. Hi, I just found your blog and love it! Here's my tip for the home: never handle your mail more than once. As soon as you pick it up from the mailbox and bring it into the house, recycle all the junk mail, flyers, ads, etc.

    If you get a bill, sit down that night and schedule your payment, that way you won't have to worry about when it's due later on. HTH!