nov4 005

I had every intention of making a handbag that was very different from the other bags I've made.

And then sometime yesterday I decided on a simple preppy bag using fabric with just two colors, specifically pink with white polka dots, accented with a pink bow. That, somehow, evolved into black and white with rick rack. Funny how the mind works.

nov4 009

The yo-yo decoration was added at the end. The bag needed a little something.

I used this trick to make the yo-yo circles. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun that was ... maybe it was because it was late at night, or the fact that my husband has banned tin foil from the refrigerator ... but I really think it was just knowing something so simple could create something so wonderfully easy. Try it ... you'll like it.

nov4 003

I used Timtex interfacing for the first time in this bag. I guess I didn't know what to expect. It's nice and it worked well, but the stuff is pricey and, for me, it didn't earn its keep. If anyone has any ideas on how to make it awesome I'd love to hear them. I have a few ideas up my sleeve for the future, but still, I'm not sure I "get" the stuff.

nov4 008

Also new to me was using magnetic snap closures. I bought the closures on eBay and they are good, but the inside metal piece is super flimsy and one side bent the first time I unsnapped a closure. I went to my husband, who had once been an engineering major (but was quick to inform me, in a very calm informative voice, that he's not an engineer ... there are times when he is very odd), and asked for his suggestions. His idea was to add a washer to it. So I did and it's a great solution ... it adds a lot of stability without adding much weight. Instead of closing the prongs by folding then over each other I butterflied them out over the washer ... viola.

The lining fabric I've had since I was in college ... and that was close to 500 years ago (maybe not quite that long ago). I'd meant to make a houndstooth skirt and jacket with it but never did. I actually still have the high-waisted, shoulder-padded pattern but I'm not sure it's quite "me" anymore.

Oh, the little details ... this bag measures about 11.5" tall, 12.5" wide, and 3" deep. I'm making a few more like this and they'll be an inch shorter. I'd meant to make it as a handbag, not shoulderbag, so the straps are longer than I'd have liked, but they are not crazy long so I'm happy with them.

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