Summery Quilt

aug 25 010

I love summer colors. I'm sure no one has ever noticed, but I really like to sew with colors. I've got some plans for browns, blues, and greens, but I love whites and bright summery colors (not bright primary colors ... it's a wonder I've survived dressing 3 boys!). And I love this quilt. I can't help but smile every time I look at it.

aug 25 001

I didn't have anyone to hold it so the picture above and below are the two sides of it. The quilt measures about 43" by 47" ... perfect size for a toddler bed or lap quilt.

aug 25 002

See the one green polka dot square? That's for C. and Nikol. It's the very last square of a sheet we had that has shown up in just about everything. For some reason that color green has proven to be perfect for the majority of things I've made and shows up as a square, a strip of a scrappy quilt, a flower, a rectangle, bias tape, lining, a pocket, strips of a bag, pretty much anything. Of course I found the sheet set at Target on super clearance a few years ago and bought it on a whim for the girls room, so I have no more than that one sheet (actually, there's one on C.'s bed but she says she's watching me and I can't steal it) and it's no longer available - though a similar one is out now, but not on super clearance. The last few times I've used a bit of it I've sworn it's the last of the fabric, and then I find just a tiny bit more laying around.

aug 25 004

The backing is a beautiful pink and yellow floral sheet, and was the starting point for the project. The binding is pretty green seersucker.

aug 25 006

I think the back is as pretty as the front! This will be posted in my shop by tomorrow.

aug 25 007

And now I have a few questions ... I'm revamping my stores website and will include seperate pages and pictures for all gear - larger items. How can I edit those pictures so they have pretty frames - I want the pages to look more personal and less generic?

On Etsy, can I offer coupons and can they be redeemed through etsy? Also, if I'm listing similar items do I have to cut and paste all the information or is there a way to copy/duplicate an auction and then edit?


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4 Comment

  1. I know first hand from a recent purchase that these quilts are absolutely beautiful. Snatch this one up, whoever you won't regret it!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful compliment!

  3. That quilt is so luscious!! I love the back fabric, is it vintage? It's to die for.

  4. The back fabric is a vintage sheet. I have one in blue and yellow too that I'd planned to use for something at my store. Now I'm too in love with it to let it go that easily!