Soccer for the Win


River played soccer for the first time this fall - he was supposed to play last spring but the season was cancelled due to Covid and moved to this fall. He had so much fun! I wouldn't say it clicked as well as water skiing did for him, but still he enjoyed it and met some great new friends.

Confidentially, and I've probably said it here before at some time, I'm not a big fan of hanging out at soccer practice and all that goes with it. I loved sailing and skiing, I'd gladly drive for hours and spend all day sitting in the Florida heat for those sports, but soccer - which is walking distance from our house and the games and practices are no longer than an hour - is a pain in my side. No idea why - and it really isn't unpleasant at the soccer fields at all and I can get a lot of quilt binding done during practice ... so no idea where this lack of soccering love come from.

But the point is, River loved soccer and while I was making Kane's baseball bag tag / key chain River asked for a soccer one, and that seemed like a pretty great idea. So personalized custom soccer key chains are now available in the Because I'm Me shop, and they're pretty cool.

And for those kiddos who don't want their name on the tag I can also do initials, nicknames, or numbers.

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