Cub Scout Leaders Gifts

Simple, easy, inexpensive leader gifts for scouts
Our awesome Cub Scout pack recently enjoyed it's annual Blue and Gold Celebration. I have no pictures of the event, or at least very few as I was running around in circles most of the day (Committee Chair side effect). But trust me, it was fun.

We opted to have our party at a huge park during the day, with the awards and Arrow of Light ceremonies first and then lunch. After lunch the kids got to experience a really neat climbing wall that the pack rented for the event. The climbing wall was an ideal activity - the kids loved it and they felt really good for accomplishing a skill they may not have mastered before.

In addition to all the awards the scouts earn every year we give leaders year pins, designating how many years they've been with the pack, to wear on their uniform. This year we decided to also recognize our three den chiefs and our other volunteers who do important jobs but don't wear "tan shirts". In total 27 leaders and volunteers were recognized. 27! That's pretty darn amazing and makes me so happy to be a part of our pack.

Simple, easy, inexpensive leader gifts for scouts, with cards for year pins

Instead of just handing them their pins I decided to give them mason jars with a few pieces of candy in them. The pins were the real gift, the jars were really just a slightly fancier way to package them - plus mason jars are pretty "in" these days.

Simple, easy, inexpensive leader gifts for scouts with thank you notes

Please understand that I'm not a paper crafter. I could be, easily, but I'd be more broke than I am as just a fabric addict. In an effort to keep a little money in the grocery fund I stick to only hoarding fabric. I had to work with what I had for these, with my limited knowledge of the art, so they could certainly have been fancier but they were fun to make.

Simple, easy, inexpensive leader gifts for scouts with Cub Scout logo lids

I created Cub Scout logo circles for the lids and printed them on heavy paper, then cut them into circles and inserted them. Simple card stock, in blue and gold, form the bases for the cards. The pin acknowledgement and "thank you" were printed on mailing labels, then cut, peeled off their backing paper, and attached to the labels. The tags did end up being a little wider than I'd have liked them to be, but I think they worked alright.

Simple, easy, inexpensive mason jar leader gifts for scouts with year pin and thank you tags

In the jars are various candies, individual packages picked up at a 90% off after-Valentine's clearance sale at Target. The blue striped bags were on clearance in the stationary section of Target.

The cost per jar was less than $1. 

Proud Mama ... my guy with his awards:

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