Saint Patrick's Day Finery for Men

Please enjoy this collection of fabulous Irish and Gaelic inspired gifts for the debonair men in our lives, whether they be Irishmen by blood or just in their imaginations on the 17th of March.

"There are only two kinds of people in the world, the Irish and those who wish they were."

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Personalized Shamrock Cufflinks from TealsPrairie
Personalized Shamrock Cufflinks from TealsPrairie, from $17.99

Irish Penal Cross, show your Irish side
Irish Rosary with Cross from Tiggawild, $39.64

Grizzly Man Irish Mojo Beard Conditioner
Grizzly Man Irish Mojo Beard Conditioner by LWApothecary, $2.50

celtic bracelet, show your Irish side
Men's Celtic Bracelet by mitallerdenubes, $23.26

Irish walking hat

Custom Made Irish Walking Hat at HatsWithAPast, $85.00

linen hankerchiefs, show your Irish side
Irish Linen Hankerchief by Broiderie, $15.95

Greeting Card, show your Irish side
Irish Fishing Boat Greeting Card at 4SeasonCards, $8.72

Leather Celtic Bracelet, show your Irish side
Leather Celtic Bracelet at ChrisOsCreations, $13.97

Irish blessing, show your Irish side
Irish Blessing Print at SewLovedShop, $18.00

Irish Linen collar stays, show your Irish side
Irish Linen Collar Stays from Misstiques, $18.00

Oxford mens shoes, show your Irish side
Oxford Mens Shoes, made in Ireland, at MovieStarMale, $95.00

Irish Claves, show your Irish side
Irish Claves by EireAnnStore, $14.19

1795 Map of Ireland, show your Irish side
1795 Map of Ireland at HistoricPerspectives, $24.00

triquetra necklace, show your Irish side
Triquetra Necklace at NatureWithYou, $35.00

bow ties, neckties, and finishers

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6 Comment

  1. What a pleasant surprise and a beautiful collection! Thanks for featuring my handkerchiefs!

  2. I wasn't sure what to expect and thought the items would probably be out of my price range, but I was pleasantly surprised. A great collection of choices for sure, I especially love the rosary and Celtic knot wrist bands.

  3. What a lovely collection. I love the old map. Maps are my thing.

  4. Just beautiful, thank you so much for including my item in such a great collection and I love the Irish theme.

  5. I Love the Irish Blessing Print! Very Cute!!