What do you love about Christmas?

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The kids had to write a Top 10 list of things they love about Christmas. I thought I'd do the same, given that it's the middle of this awesome month of December and the holidays are fast approaching.

1. The tree. I love our Christmas tree. It's overfilled with ornaments, most of which have memories attached to them. Each year each of the kids get an ornament from Santa, so each year 6 new, special ornaments are added to the tree. The kids are the ornament hangers at our house while I'm the unwrapper. We have some fun disco globe ornaments leftover from window displays at Ditto Kiddo, as the kids put those on the tree they have to sing "ah, ah, ah, ah, staying alive, staying alive", how can you not have fun decorating with that kind of silliness going on?

2. Christmas lights. On houses, stores, light posts, other trees, boats, campers, whatever. They're beautiful.

3. Baking cookies. We do less baking at Christmas than we used to but we still make enough types of cookies to have a great deal of variety on the platter after Christmas dinner. I remember baking with my mother when I was little, then picking the cookies and arranging the tray for our big family get-togethers. I love that that's something my children now look forward to and that we do together.

4. The music. Once Thanksgiving is over I'm all about the Christmas music.

5. Our annual tradition of visiting The Holiday House in Fort Myers.

6. Business is good, very good. November and December are good months for my shop, I like that very much.

7. Christmas dinner. I love big family dinners - not big foodwise but big people wise. The more the better. Pre-divorce we had meals that filled both our dining tables (each seats 12) as well as a small kids table. I loved it. Now our meals are smaller, there will just be 9 or 10 of us this Christmas, but equally as wonderful once the conversation and love start flowing.

8. Christmas Eve Church. Even though Silent Night on Christmas Eve always makes my cry a little (no idea why, but it always has) I love going to church on Christmas Eve. It's so peaceful and filling.

9. Christmas morning with the kids. The morning starts with them waking me up, then I check to see if Santa has come and take a picture of the kids at the top of the stairs. They come downstairs and whoever find the pickle ornament on the tree hands out the gifts, which we try to do slowly ... organized chaos is the goal. After that we enjoy a cheese danish and some eggnog before the new gift exploring begins.

10. Celebrating the birth of Christ. Understanding that the real meaning of Christmas isn't about getting gifts and commercialism, but instead about rejoicing in the birth of Jesus.

What's on your list of Christmas loves?

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