Renovating, Part ?, Working on the Details

The saga continues.

In this episode I don't have too much to report.

New rugs have been installed in both the living room and family room. I'd planned to paint the one in the family room (above) until I saw how large it was ... solid blue is perfect.

The living room rug is red with bits of tan and brown in it. I don't like it. But it matches the living room and it's super soft and comfy, so it's staying for now.

I'm not sure what direction I'm going with the living room curtains. The original plan was white burlap, but white burlap is cream colored and not white, which doesn't work for the room. Back to the drawing board.

I'm continuing to find tile bits and dust in odd little nooks and crannies. I'm pretty sure that no amount of dusting will ever get this house even close to dust free, especially when more work continues to mean more dust and sawdust.

The floors remain wonderful, a few quirks here and there but the odd spots (some boards aren't glued down terribly well and give when stepped on) haven't changed over the last few weeks so all seems well.

Next project, kitchen. Then baseboards and the stairs to the second floor. We've actually gotten used to the "raw" stairs ... need to get them done before we're too comfy with them and just never finish them, because this look just isn't pretty.

But the kitchen is pretty ... here's a tiny little "sneak peek":

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