A Little Bit of Renovating

Last summer the camper got a makeover. This summer it's the house.

Above is my living room. It used to have carpet and tile. Now, thanks to the work of the kids (not all in the image, but all worked), it's just concrete.

The tile in the kitchen is also gone. After Ian and I tried to remove it ourselves and realized it just didn't want to budge professionals were brought in for that job.

The rest of the downstairs will have new flooring soon too.

What new flooring? Wood. More on that soon (if all goes well ... if all doesn't go well then it'll probably end up carpeted).

I've watched countless home improvement shows where the homeowner breaks down because of the chaos and mess. I thought those people were so silly, it's a temporary situation, after all. Right? Oh, I totally get them now. Totally. The tile dust, the uncomfortable and ugly concrete, the disorder, all of it ... very exhausting when you like order and a reasonable state of cleanliness. We're far enough into this project that there's no turning back and we keep making progress, but I do look forward to it being completed.

So I can move on to the next project.

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