Monday Morning Beaching

This weekend the kids and I participated in a community service project cleaning up a local beach. I reached down to pick up a cup, saw a snake, and spent the rest of the morning supervising from the waters edge.

It's fair to say that we haven't found very many (any?) beaches that we haven't liked, but I do tend to love good exploring beaches a little bit extra. This beach, Bunche Beach, was an exploring beach - super shallow water with oodles of gentle sandbars when the tide is low and at-most knee deep water when the tide was higher. The water was also crystal clear - an explorer's dream come true.

The thought crossed my mind that a good exploring beach would be educational, and therefore a great way to start the school week. Something like that, anyway.

Which is how the younger boys and I ended up, alone, on an awesome beach at 8:15 am.

And the exploring was good. Very good.

To be honest, we'd never heard much about this beach other than that it played host to rather unsavory characters at night, so it had never been on the radar. It's not much of a sunbathing beach but these boys don't care much for sunbathing. There are new restrooms and boat launch nearby and it really was a more than pleasant place to spend the early morning (especially when the alternative was schoolwork), the shallow water really is ideal for our needs.

 The boys are already looking forward to their next early morning beach visit.

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