Lots of Quiet

As the Easter and wedding seasons approach I'm finding it hard to keep up with this blog. That's a pretty good thing, right, even if it leaves me feeling a little irresponsible?

Professional News:
Family News:
  • One of my sons has been in the newspaper, a local magazine, and on television within the last month, all for different things - as his youngest brother says, "He's EVERYWHERE".
  • We visited a local nature park last weekend where the relaxing picture above was taken, we also saw alligators, bees, squirrels, and birds
  • The camper is out of commission for now, while I try to figure out what it will take to fix the damaged axle, we are missing it already!
  • I'm participating in a DietBet right now, while it's great motivation it isn't quite working on me ... I'm not doing too well, but not giving up (which is success in itself)
  • After many years of tiring conflict and unnecessary frustration it looks like the kids and I may be keeping our house, hopefully there will be plenty of house remodel-ish type posts (on a crazy limited budget) in the future
Take care and have a wonderful day, hopefully the next post will be from a speedy new computer!

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