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Another beautiful weekend spent camping. It never gets old.

This particular weekend was spent in the company of 80 or so teenagers. The kids came from various local scout and other groups to compete and just plain have fun getting to know each other (and themselves a little better). For many of the kids it was their first time camping and they handled it like seasoned pros, it was neat to have the opportunity to see the experience from their point of view.

The first night the kids played games and watched movies. Apparently, Risk, is THE game. As soon as Adam and Kaden grabbed the game they, and Ian and Mia, were surrounded by new friends. The Risk board stayed set up all weekend, occasionally the players would change (I must admit I found someone to take my place pretty early on), the board would sit for hours while other things were going on, games would end and new ones would start, but no matter what, Risk was ready to go.

Because I'm Me - Great ice breaker - playing games at camp

The competition ... tug of war, an obstacle course that involved galloping on a stick horse, a "bucking bronco" in the pool (Mia won that event ... sailing balance comes in handy), shooting, canoe dunking, and more.

Because I'm Me - venturing and explorers scouts camping weekend

I spent most of the weekend hanging out with Adam and Kaden. They were a little too young to compete but didn't let that stop them from having a great time and trying all the events they wanted to. I enjoyed a little one-on-two time with them. It's not often I get to hang out with just one or two kids for a whole day so I really soaked it in and enjoyed it.

Because I'm Me - keeping cool in the dunk tank

The last event Saturday night was an extreme dodgeball tournament. Very exciting to watch. My kids, being the home schooled souls that they are, had no idea how to play but learned quickly (that happens when balls are flying at you!). I played dodgeball in elementary school and I had no idea there was so much strategy involved, the teams that had a plan and a back-up plan seemed to do the best.

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  1. Looks like an amazing weekend... but 80 teenagers, wow... brave!

    The tug of war looked fun!

    Wishing you a lovely day!