Real Tree

We were given, so very kindly, a live tree this year.

And what a treat it is! Our live tree smells wonderfully. It brightens the family room like nothing else could.

Silly as it is, I couldn't part with our fake tree in my front entry. I spent River's first and second Christmas seasons, when he was just a tiny little guy, walking, rocking, and singing in front of that tree, letting the lights and sparkle mesmerize him into tranquil slumber. I love spending evenings looking at the ornaments and lights. I know a different tree would have had the same ornaments and lights, but I've got a silly sentimentality thing going (even though that dang tree sat on the living room floor until April waiting for someone to take it apart - it was stuck - and swearing every day that it was going in the trash).

The fake tree is pre-lit and has all the many years worth of collected ornaments.

Because I'm Me cookie cutter ornaments and popcorn garland

Pretty, scented new tree was naked. Mia found a spare tablecloth to use as a skirt. The kids and I took ribbon and my large collection of cookie cutters and began decorating. We then strung lots and lots of popcorn and red beads onto thread for garland. And so the decorating began, with a goal of having everything created from materials found in or around our house ... not one penny was spent decorating this tree.

Because I'm Me handmade ornaments

The blue/ribbon/glitter/bead thing-a-ma-jig started as a wooden spool, intended years ago for some long-forgotten craft. It was painted with glue on the top and bottom and dipped in glitter. Ribbon was glue-gunned around the middle. The beads are threaded onto the hanging ribbon, which runs through the center of the spool.

Because I'm Me handmade ornaments

Paper balls in blue and white. The ornament in the top left corner Kaden made from a cork, googly eyes, and some foam.

Because I'm Me handmade ornaments, glittery pinecones

Pinecones from behind our house, rolled in glue and then glitter. This was a great project for River to do, all I had to help with was tying the hanging string on.

Because I'm Me handmade ornaments, fabric embellished birds

Birds from tan cotton, stuffed, and decorated.

Because I'm Me handmade ornaments

The circular disk things are just sewn together with one long straight stitch in red, with beads added to the tops and bottoms and butcher's string to hang them with. The balls are mostly from bow and neck tie fabrics ... my "homage" to this season's work. (it's possible that I might have just been using whatever fabric was already on the sewing table)

Because I'm Me handmade ornaments, star tree topper

The tree is topped, of course, with a star.

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  1. What a nice dressing for a tree! Thank you for sharing your home made ornaments. It's not silly at all to keep the old tree and have them both up. In fact, we've just moved into a 3-story house, and after this year we will have a tree on every level. I've decided! It's so festive that way. Hopefully, in two years, we'll have a big enough shed built out back with a loft where I can just put the artificial trees fully assembled, and not have to deal with all that every year. ;D